• Valréas


The Domaine La Décelle is situated at the heart of the Enclave des Papes, south of the village of Valréas. The special characteristics of its latitude and altitude give it unique climate conditions, perfect for creating structured and complex wines with magnificent freshness. Benoît and Frédéric Lavau literally fell in love with this terroir and purchased the estate in 2010. The 82 hectares of this estate encompass different sectors of the village of Valréas at different altitudes and varied clay-chalk or sandy soil types. The Grenache Noir, Syrah, Carignan, Viognier and Marsanne varietals grow in plots as high as 320 meters above sea level and therefore benefit from a cooler climate. The temperature variation between day and night allow the grapes to ripen slowly, which plays a key role in the development of good tannins. The vines are south- and west-facing, so they are also bathed in the rays of the setting sun. Our vines are cultivated according to the principles of reasoned agriculture and we produce excellent quality AOC Côtes du Rhône Village Valréas white and red wines.

We quickly identified a plot of vines of exceptional potential during the first winemaking seasons at the estate. This plot is a perfect square planted with Syrah and Grenache on a south-facing hillslope. Each vine stock is planted in soil that represents a perfect equilibrium between the mineral nutrition, water balance and moderate water stress required for ideal grape ripening. The yields are naturally limited, and the grape bunches are small and uniform. This plot produces the cuvee called Le Carré, one of our Maison’s best wines.

The Enclave des Papes is a small part of the Vaucluse situated in Drôme provençale. The history of the Enclave is closely linked to that of the Popes of Avignon and began over 700 years ago. After being a highly-coveted place that welcomed new settlers and  passers-by, it is now recognised as an exceptional terroir famed for its truffles, wines and lavender hidden amidst the historic treasures.